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This 2020 season, FIRST RISE, powered by Star Wars: Force for Change, is setting out to inspire citizens of the galaxy to work together, strengthening and protecting the Force that binds us and creating a place where collaboration and collective wisdom can elevate new ideas and foster growth. Together, we RISE.

FIRST RISE includes four levels of educational programming. Athena's Warriors competes at the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) level!

January 4th marked the start of the FIRST Robotics Competition season, beginning with the big reveal of this year's FRC game, INFINITE RECHARGE. Click here to watch the game reveal video.

We will be building a robot to play this game leading up to our two local competitions:

  • Feb. 28–March 1, Northern CT District Event, Woodstock Academy

  • April 4–6, Hartford District Event, Hartford Public High School

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