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We've got spirit, yes we do!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

After a few days of rest and recovery from a long and rewarding weekend, Athena's Warriors is back! We were awarded the Team Spirit Award at the Northern CT District Event, proving how hard our team has worked over the past few months. We're ready to work even harder before the Hartford District Event in four short weeks.

All of our students did a wonderful job finishing the robot, working and competing with other teams and showing off our successes to judges. Many of our matches came within 5 points for the loss, with one being a single point difference! There were many great teams at the event and to be recognized with an award among that company is truly remarkable.

One of the judges has publicly shared how happy he was with our answer to the question: "How do we remember Woodie Flowers" ... "Gracious Professionalism was acting like your grandmother was we know it's acting like Woodie is watching.

Congratulations to Master of Ceremonies Angry Eric for his Outstanding Volunteer Award and thanks so much to his wife, Kim @kimsrobot, for her photos!

To recap the Northern CT District Event:

  • We ranked 34/39 teams with a record of 3-9-0

  • We received 12 points toward the District Championship

  • We took home the Team Spirit Award!!!

If you'd like to re-live the action from Northern CT, look no further than The Blue Alliance for match recordings, scores and analysis!

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